Purchasing department in Oba Perdesan has strategic importance to fulfill the best value, high quality and meeting the deadline objectives for our customers.

Oba Perdesan Purchasing Directorate centrally carries out all operations regarding the purchase of direct materials / indirect materials and investment goods.

Oba Perdesan’s Core Purchasing Values:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Long term partnership
  • Cooperation based on mutual benefit
  • Continuous improvement

Purchasing Process

1. Evaluation

The supplier’s capability to produce materials, components or services demanded by Oba are assessed by the purchasing department in regards of supplier’s technical infrastructure and cost effectiveness. The supplier’s detailed information including technical competence, quality systems, financial condition and sustainability practices are evaluated and collected by purchasing department. We can ask some certificates such as OEKO-TEX and ISO 9001-2008 QMS from our suppliers.

2. Contracts

We establish commercial relations with our suppliers, based on mutual trust, constructed with a sense of responsibility and communication, and having well-defined contents and limits set by the ability to compromise.

We sign the “Purchasing Contracts” with our suppliers in order to have the working conditions bilaterally defined and provide continuity of such conditions based on partnership.

3. Order and Shipment

Our purchasing process is operating with the help of our unique ERP system. After the sample approval, suppliers should transmit the price, lead time and delivery method to Oba Purchasing department.

All deliveries made by the supplier should conform to the amount and time stated in order letters; and the materials should be in full compliance with Oba Perdesan’s Technical Drawings, Technical Specifications and Instructions as well as international Standards/Directives and Regulations.

4. Quality Management

The common characteristic of our customers are demanding high quality products and services.

In order to sustain high quality, we are professionally managing our quality process based on ISO 9001-2008 QMS as well as our 40 years old industry experience. The main quality control processes we have are; First Entry Inspection, Production Process Control and Final Quality Control. All the quality tracked information are carefully recorded in ERP system and continuously followed by the quality staff. In case of quality problems, quality team immediately finds the root cause and applies regulatory and deterrent activities.

5. Material Approval Process

We can request samples from our suppliers in order to validate the materials based on their technical drawings and specifications. These samples can be approved or declined by our purchasing or production department.

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