Environment & Sustainability

Environmental Policy

The environment while maintaining our sustainable production with the aim of national and international agreements, directives, protocols, laws and directing obeying environmental impacts kept under control this effect, increasing our environmental performance to continuously improve all our production activities 'operational Business Excellence'.

Our Duties;

  • Environmental aspects related to customer requirements by providing all legal requirements and ensure continuous development and improvement.
  • Ensuring the preservation of natural resources by using environmental friendly raw materials or technologies within the framework of technical and economical capabilities.
  • Considering the environmental impacts of manufacturing the plants and processes design.
  • Improve ourselves towards the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Our responsibility to the environment in which all our work, our business partners and raise awareness of our stakeholders to ensure their participation.
  • To improve the environmental impact of the product in constant communication with suppliers and customers.
  • Production, transportation, storage, operation and maintenance activities that may occur as a result of reducing waste recycling and reuse ensure the selection of the most appropriate method by evaluating alternative.
  • Reducing the risk of emergency situations that may occur, is to create health, safety and environmental integrity in all stages of production.

* Our technical textile fabrics are certified to Oeko-Tex-Standard 100.